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Alot of online marketers focus on Cost per Action(CPA) and Cost per Click(CPC) metrics. Thats is good. I also do so. But they forget to monitor about their ad frequency. Frequency is the measure of your advert efficiency. This metric is very essential when you are optimizing your ad campaign.

To understand frequency, you need to know what is Reach and Impression. Impression means the number of servings the ad has or the number of times your ad has been shown. Reach means the number of unique persons reached by the ad. According to facebook, frequency is defined as the number of times an ad has been served to one person.

A comfortable and ideal frequency is 1. A frequency less than 1, for instance 0.5, technically means that the number of impressions is greater than the number of people reached. Or rather your ad has been shown to half a person, which is basically impossible. A frequency of 10 means that your ad has been shown ten times to each person. In short, the best and idea frequency you can achieve is 1, meaning your ad has been shown to your audience once. The higher the frequency, the less your ad is efficient. 

What causes high frequency?

What is the idea frequency?

It all depend with the action and industry. But i recommend a frequency of 5 and below. if your frequency is above 5, its an indicator that your ad need optimization. Is higher frequency bad? No necessarily. According to statistics, most people do not react  or act to an ad the first time. They need to see the ad twice, thrice or even five times to react. Depending on the product or the target action, some actions need more servings than the others. An example is, a page like will require fewer servings than a product purchase. Also, signing up of a free ebook will require fewer servings to achieve the action than purchase of insurance.

How do i fight high frequency?

When your frequency gets to 5, its high time you optimize or adjust your ads. There are several areas that you can focus on:

  1. Adjust your ad creative to fight banner blindness. Change the banner and/or text or include multiple banners into the ad, that will keep alternating. Fresh banners and text brings out higher conversions.
  2. Target a totallly different audience. Probably your audience have overseen your ad. If your audience is small, you can broaden it and see if the frequency will get down.
  3. Exclude those who have already interacted with your ad. Eg those who have bought or liked the page or seen the video etc
  4. You can adjust your placement. Once you check your insights, and you see the placements that have a higher frequency, you can remove them from your placement settings.

In conclusion, as you check on all the other metrics, remember to check on the Frequency. An inefficient ad will mean that you are marketing to the same crowd again and again. Reduce your frequency and within the same budget, you will be able to reach more.

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